Frequently asked questions

Can I get adjusted on day one?

Of course. That's why you came in . . . Assuming of course that you are a good candidate for care in our office and we don't have a reason to send you out for x-rays or an MRI or need to refer you to another provider.

What can I expect on my first visit?

On your first visit you will have to fill out the obligatory paperwork (don't worry, we do our best to keep it to a minimum). Then you and the doctor will sit down and he will listen to your story and determine if you are a candidate for care in our office. If you are, the doctor will complete an examination to determine what needs to be done, then he will tell you what he found, make his recommendations, answer any questions that you might have and then you can receive your first adjustment. Most people are in and out of the office in about 45 minutes on their first visit.

Do I have to commit to a long-term plan?

The fear of this probably keeps more people from going to the chiropractor than anything else in the world. The simple answer is NO. You do not have to commit to a long term plan or go forever. Many people come in for a specific complaint but realize after a series of adjustments that they feel better in other ways too, so they choose to continue receiving regular but less frequent chiropractic care so that they can continue to experience those added benefits. But how much care you recieve is always up to you.

Do you take my insurance?

We do not take any insurance. We used to take insurance but found that the insurance companies just got in the way of providing you, our patient, with the best care possible. Also, when you figure the crazy high deductibles and co-pays going on these days, we can usually save you money by NOT taking your insurance.