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Our Story

Soap Maker at Her Shop

Cultivating Wellness Through Nature

Back in 2011 Amanda began experimenting with vegan and gluten free cooking while living in San Francisco. Around that same time she learned that many people in her family and friend circles were either dairy or gluten intolerant or had other food allergies. This made her think differently about the food she prepared, and the food she ate — especially packaged foods.


In 2012 Benefit Foods was born. Amanda decided to make it her mission to offer healthy packaged foods to those in need of clean fuel. In the beginning, our flagship product VBAR, was wildly successful but proved too expensive to continue producing, beyond 20K bars per month — we were unwilling to compromise our quality or ingredients for the sake of cost, so we regretfully decided to discontinue that product in 2018. 

Since then, Benefit Foods has been busy helping many companies launch new products and create scalable formulas. 

"unwrap goodness!" 

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